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HB-300 Hover board with Go Kart

2 in 1 hover board with a kart

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HB-300 Hover board with Go Kart

2 in 1 hover board with a kart

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Faster, and safer

Enjoy hours and hours of fun with Vorago's HB-300 electric skateboard, just lean your body forward or backward to move in the desired direction. But if you want to increase the fun you can turn your skateboard into a Go Kart with its mountable cart included.


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With high-performance engines that will surprise you.

Turn your skateboard into a Go-Kart riding the cart on your skateboard. Features a third wheel to slide between grass or hard-access roads for the skateboard.

Only few minutes of practice to master your electric skateboard to slide up to 7 m/h.

The skateboard is coated with a special polymer that does not make it flammable.

Don’t worry about going over water puddles because its plastic housing protects it from water.

LED lights illuminate your path leaving a mark wherever you go.

1-year warranty
Certified Battery
Fireproof Polymer
Slash proof
7 m/h
LED lights
3 Hrs. Charge
Long duration
Protected Battery
Dual Motor

Convierte tu patineta en un Go Kart, montando su carrito sobre tu patineta, y gracias a su tercer rueda puedes deslizarte entre hierba o caminos de dificil acceso en donde con la patineta sería difícil pasar.

Es el mejor regalo, llevo ya 2 años con el hoverboard y ahora compre el kart

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