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HS-501 Gaming headset

Headset with RGB lighting

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HS-501 Gaming headset

Headset with RGB lighting

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Audio quality, and extreme comfort

Discover your enemies no matter if they stalk you in the dark, listen to the smallest noise, and enter the battle. With the HS-501 your ears will become a perfect defense.


  • #000000

Equipped with 40 mm diaphragms that provide stunning clarity and a great bass.

Communicating is important for planning attacks and coordinating your squad. A high fidelity directional flexible microphone so your allies can hear you.

Built to last, they come in a super-tough coated cable and XL over Earpads, ideal for even the most extreme users.

The 501 headsets will match your setup without a doubt, with its multi-color RGB lighting on the helmet.

1 STG guarantee
STG diaphragm
High Sensitivity STG
Acoustic Isolation STG

Muy buen producto, por el precio yo espere menos, pero la verdad tiene muy buena afinación y muy buenos graves y es muy duradero.

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